From the Desk of an Educator

“Judge a tree by its fruits,” said the great teacher of Palestine. Judged by its fruits our current education system has failed miserably. The aim of education is not merely acquisition of information or technical skills-though essential in modern society-but the development of that bent of mind, that attitude of reason, that spirit of democracy which will make us responsible citizens. It should equip the student to cope adequately with life so that he may become a worthy participant in the adventure of life.

Today Schools and colleges are seen as transit camps to the workplace, instead of incubators for the transformation of the individual. This has resulted in a closing not only of a human mind but more significantly, a closing of the human heart….knowledge without sympathy does more harm than good. It makes us suspicious and cynical.

Our society has always regarded gurus as the path finders and has always respected them but unfortunately in modern times, we are seeing the dilution of the guru-shishya parampara. Teachers have fallen from high pedestal of guruji to the mundane masterji level…In some television ads today, poor teacher is even made the butt of student’s sarcasm and subjected to mockery.

Ideals that inspired education in the ancient times must be rediscovered and introduced in our educational institutions, if we are to make significant contribution to our civilization.

The novelty of this profession makes it a mission in one’s life when one finds himself touching so many innocent, young and wonderful live…….

I always believe that teachers must be the best minds of the country.

As a teacher educator I keep reminding my pupil teachers, “their task is not only the transfer of knowledge to the young minds but also the task of moulding the children in the right direction. Everyday classroom teaching is not what children remember, but how you made a difference in their lives. That is something all of us need to work on..!

At our workplace “Inspiration College of Teacher Education”, we are focused on all the essential concerns of the prospective teachers i.e. “Head, Heart and Hand”. We attempt to provide the opportunities to them so that they could bring out the best in them as a Teacher!

L.M. Joshi , Ph.D.(Edu.)